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Money piece, highlights, foil highlights

Hello, I'm so glad you found me!

Specializing in grey coverage, grey blending and multidimensional hair color since 2008.

                      .  noun.  


1)  The fortunate event of finding a hair stylist with the ability to create the perfect cut, color and style for your hair in spite of the cowlicks, thickness, density and health of your hair and taking into consideration your desires, expectations, lifestyle and at home styling abilities.  


2)  Being able to recreate at home what your stylist did at the salon.  


3)  Contacting your stylist at the last minute and actually getting in. 


 -adjective.  hairendipitous

Hairendipity H R SILVER.png

What people are saying...

"I've never liked my hair much and always found it hard to get a style that worked well with its reality, looked good, and was not to high maintenance.  I found Tabetha years ago and have followed her to a couple different places and then to Hairendipity when she opened it.  She knows tons about hair and hair care, and is great at listening to what a client wants and recommending what will work.  My teenage sons now go to her, too.  Can't recommend her more highly.

-Cathy C

“Simply put; she is the very best. In detail; mad skills, serious artistry, and years of experience & ongoing education mean you can leave looking as sophisticated or as fun as you desire. As for me, I love being the canvas she paints on! ”

-Michelle S

“Tabetha is so very good at cutting styling, coloring hair...and just being Tabetha! I always feel comfortable with trying something new or just keeping the same style. Tabetha will give her feedback, but also listens to what you want. In the end, it is a win-win for all! She is very knowledgeable about hair care and different products to use. Tabetha is always looking for new products and shares them with her clients. The future looks exciting for Hairendipity and the possibilities for her and her clients! ”

-Sue R

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