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Tabetha Bryant, Lake County IL

I get to hang out with cool people all day and do what I was put on this earth to do - spread hair love!

I am a hair artist.  Hair is my canvas. If you have hair goals, I know how to achieve them.  I will be honest.  If it is unrealistic, too damaging, will take a long time, etc., I will lay that out for you and we will plan our journey together.

I grew up as a hair stylist at a fast paced, walk in only salon.  Don't get me wrong, I value quality.  I'm just a bit quicker than most.  More importantly, I strive to be more educated than the average stylist.  I keep up with the normal industry education of cuts, color, styling, texture, customer service and business, but I also keep up with the science, art and trends.


When I'm not at the salon, you can usually find me cuddled up on the couch with my dogs Skye and Koda, watching TV or reading a book.  TV is my bad habit.  Although Skye, the Bichon, and I are suburban girls, when we have days off, we take off for the FAR North Woods of Wisconsin where Koda, the Husky, feels right at home. The salon isn't enough for me to get my creativity out, so I also dabble in interior design, quilting, and painting.

If I sound like the stylist you've been looking for, go ahead and check out my new client experience.

Tabetha Smith, Tabetha Bryant
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